Parental leave

The form Foreldrepermisjon (Parental leave) is used to apply for paid parental leave for mother/father.

This form should not be used to apply for parental leave without pay. The form Permisjon og tidsbegrenset redusert stilling (Leave of absence and limited part time positions) should be used for leave without pay.

The employee must apply to their immediate superior for parental leave at least 3 months before the expected start of the leave. The parent(s) must also complete the form Claim for benefit on birth or adoption (Krav om ytelse ved f√łdsel og adopsjon) and send it to NAV Trygd. (If NAV does not receive this form, the employer will not be refunded by NAV). Preferably, a copy of this form should be enclosed when the employer receives the application for parental leave.

Attachment: The documentation should be sent to the head of department/substitute head, who will ensure it is registered in ePhorte and cross-referenced to Form ID (Skjema ID) in PagaWeb. The ePhorte case number is registered in the comments area of the form in PagaWeb.

If the baby is born more than 3 weeks before the due date, this will affect the duration of the parental leave. The head of department must be notified about the actual date of birth, for example via e-mail.
In the menu to the left, you will find Skjema/Oppgaver (Forms/Tasks). Click on the tab Nytt skjema (New form). Open the form by clicking on it. If you click on the question mark symbol, information will display about how to complete the actual field. All fields marked * must be completed. Click on the green cross to add your parental leave. A dialogue box will open, where you can register parental leave and any holiday you wish to take.

When you have completed the form, click the Send-button at the bottom, and choose Til godkjenning (For approval) to forward the form to the head of department.

Opplysninger om foreldrepermisjon (Information about parental leave)

This is where information about the parental leave is registered.
Dekningsgrad (Coverage): Here, the employees should state if they wish to apply for parental leave with full pay, or leave with 80% pay. Please note that the due date must also be filled in.

Status st√łnadsdager med foreldrepenger (Status for benefit days with parental benefit)

This gives an overview over how many benefit days are available.
When you add the parental leave by clicking on the green cross below, the number of remaining days will change as you enter and save the dates for when you plan to take out your parental leave. When you have taken out all available parental leave, the field Gjenstående (Remaining) days will display 0.

Uttak foreldrepermisjon og ferie (Taking out parental leave and holiday)

Click on the green cross to add parental leave and holiday (if any). A dialogue box will display where you register how you plan to take out your parental leave. If you wish to take any holiday during your parental leave, you need to split the leave into several rows. See example: ‚ÄėPicture – parental leave‚Äô. If you need to add several rows of leave and holiday, you click the button Registrer flere (Register several) in order for the dialogue box to display again each time you register a new row.

Type fravær (Type of absence): Choose Foreldrepermisjon (Parental leave) to register parental leave, or Planlagt ferie (Planned holiday) to register holiday. Use Planlagt ferie (med forlengelse)  РPlanned holiday (with extention)  to register holiday in place of parental leave. This is regardless of whether the holiday is taken midway through the parental leave, or at the end of the leave. Planlagt ferie (ved overlapping) РPlanned holiday (overlapping) should only be used when holiday and parental leave are taken simultaneously. (This is rarely done at the University of Bergen).

Annen part (Other party): If the parents share the leave between them, Annen part (Other party) must be ticked off when registering the part of the leave to be taken by the other party.

When changing the parental leave: New form must be submitted. Enter the correct information for the entire parental leave. Writes that there is a change and referring to previously submitted form.

Fravær % (Absence %): Usually, the absence rate will be 100%, but if graded leave (partial leave) is taken, the percentage of the absence must be entered.


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