Variable Pay Supplements

The form Variable tillegg og trekk (Variable Pay Supplements and Tax Deductions) should be used when registering overtime and other expenses. You must always have your line manager’s approval before you work any overtime.
In the menu to the left, you will find Skjema/Oppgaver (Forms/Assignments). Click on the New Form tab. Click on the required form, to open it.
All fields marked * must be completed. When you have fully completed the form, click on the Send-button at the bottom of the form, and select Til kontroll (For Check) to send the form to the attestant for variable pay for your department.

Overstyr kontering (Overriding Entries): Employees may make ledger entries in the travel claims form if they know which department is covering their travel expenses. If no entry is made, the attestant for variable pay for the employee’s default department will input the correct information. On the first page of the form, a primary entry must be made. This will act as a default, and all expenses will follow that primary entry, unless this is specifically overridden at a later date. Any food allowance, night supplement and compensation supplements will always be debited to this primary entry.

To input data, click on the green cross. A dialogue box will appear, in which the required information should be entered.

Click on the field Opptjent dato (Date): Registrer the start date.

Art (Type of Pay) : Click on the field. A list with several options for registration of overtime or other expenses will appear. Register the date and time. The number of hours will then be displayed automatically.

Merknader (Comment Field): Here you should always specify the type of work.

Click the Lagre-button (Save) to  save the post.


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