Personal and family details

The form entitled Person- og familieinformasjon (Personal and family details) should be used for registering and/or up-dating personal details such as address, phone number, bank account, additional tax deductions, next of kin, and children

In the menu to the left, you will find Skjema/Oppgaver (Forms/Assignments). Click on ”Nytt skjema”(New Form tab). Click on the required form to open it. When you open the form, you will find your existing details displayed on the left hand side. Alterations to these can be entered on the right hand side.

To input Family details, click on the green cross. A dialogue box will open, in which you should enter your new details.

Click on the Neste (Next) button to move to the next side. Click on the Forrige (Previous) button to move to the previous side. When the form is complete, click on the Send button at the bottom of the form and choose Til godkjenning (For approval) to send the form for approval. This causes the form to be transferred directly into the Paga Client.

Change of name: Where changes of name are concerned, please note that your name should be identical to the name registered in the National Population Register. Any discrepancies between the name registered in the National Population Register and the one registered in the pay and personnel system may lead, amongst other things, to incorrect tax deductions being made. Therefore, neither forename nor surname should be changed unless they are so registered in National Population Register. The use of middle names is optional. If you have changed your surname, you will need to obtain verification from the National Population Register. This must be submitted to the attestant for fixed pay at the faculty (the personnel consultant).

Change of citizenship: If citizenship is not correct you can change it here.


Kontaktinformasjon privat (Personal contact details)

Register your private address and phone number, or any other contact details, here.
Fasttelefon (Landline phone): You can register your private mobile phone number here instead of your landline phone, if you so wish. Phone numbers must be registered as figures only, without spaces or hyphens. Phone numbers that are registered in this field will not be displayed on the UiB website.
Mobile phone: If you register your mobile phone number here, it will be displayed on the UiB website. Therefore, you should enter your mobile phone number only if it is a work phone.


Familie (Family details)

Here you can register your next of kin and children, amongst other things. To input family details, click on the green cross. A dialogue box opens in which you can register the information.
Nærmeste pårørende (Next of kin): It is vital that the UiB can access correct information about your next of kin in case of an emergency. Consequently, registration and maintenance of details pertaining to your next of kin is mandatory. You can register several individuals as next of kin, if you so wish. In order to indicate your main contact person, you can write ICE (In Case of Emergency) after his/her surname.
Barn (Children): Here you should register any children under 12 years of age. Registration of absence from work to care for a sick child, or claiming extended right to absence due to child care, is contingent upon your children being registered.


Ansattinformasjon (Information about the employee)

Fasttelefon (Permanent Phone): Here you can register your permanent phone number for work. Phone numbers must be registered as figures only, without spaces or hyphens.
E-post (E-mail): Do not alter your e-mail address in this form. This must be done by contacting the IT Department:
Bankkonto (Bank Account): Here you can change your bank account number. Make sure that correct bank account number is entered, as this form is transferred directly into the Paga Client, without being checked. Only Norwegian bank account numbers can be registered. If you have a foreign bank account, you must e-mail the attestant for fixed pay.
Reiseregningskonto (Travel Expenses Account): Do not make any entry here. It is not possible to have travel claims reimbursed to a special account for travel expenses, even if you state a bank account number for this.
Ekstra skattetrekk (Additional Tax Deduction): If you wish an additional tax deduction to be made every month, you can register this here. Such a deduction is applicable to the current tax year only. Should you wish to delete a previously registered deduction, you must send a new form with Delete checked against this item.

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